UoN vs NTU: Bus varsity

Bish, bash, bus. Student bus race off. Nuff said.

Terrified bus drivers allowed rivals from the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent to race double deckers against each other.

Students from Trent and Nottingham Uni recently took part in a Wacky Races style face-off, testing the new NCT double deckers.

The hapless lot were taught how to safely drive the beasts, before moving to a race between the two competing universities.

All 8 students already received a bus-ting prize of a year’s free travel with Nottingham City Transport and to have the pride of seeing their faces plastered on the side of these big, £200k mean machines.


The only varsity which actually matters

But now, pride was at stake and the teams were geared up and ready to accelerate through the challenges.

In the purple corner were Trent; in the Orange corner sat the wonderful, the amazing, the fantastic, University of Nottingham.

These three challenging tasks included: slaloms, speed trials and reverse parking. A video of the 8 students gave the impression that they were all having some intense bus fun, with frantic drivers helping them to twist and spin those huge steering wheels.


NCT bus driver clearly soiling himself

Eventually the best drivers came through, managing to clutch what is surely the longest title known in the history of mankind – Student Bus Driver Training Races Team Champions of the Year.


Get used to those words Trent

In other words, not only are we all going to earn a better degree, but this also indicates that statistically we’re all better drivers than that Trent lot too.

Essentially we’re superior in every way.