A finalist pulled 30 girls in a night and Snapchatted all his mates

Look out for the sinister eye contact

A randy Nottingham third year pulled 30 girls last night – and recorded the whole thing on Snapchat.

Heartthrob James Heseltine sent friends a video montage of his exploits at the Crisis all-nighter.

Starting with a shot of him weeing in a cubicle, the video tracks the chemistry student’s night playing tonsil tennis with some of Nottingham’s finest.

Sam roamed around the club, kissing 31 girls and one guy in the smoking area, by the bar, on the balcony and on the dancefloor of Rock City, occasionally making eye contact with the camera as he did it.

Some of the clips involve quite sinister eye-contact

Some of the clips involve quite sinister eye-contact


In a post on Facebook, his housemate said: “One of the all time best Snapchat stories from Sam. Regardless of his 36 encounters with the girls of Crisis, James still manages to come home alone.”

He added: “I just woke up to this snapchat story. He’s still in uni.”

It is not clear if he puckered up for some of them more than once.