Vote! UoN vs. Trent: Who’s got the finest females?

It’s time for the next stage of the biggest Varsity battle of the century: who is the fittest uni in Nottingham?

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You’ve seen the boys, now it’s time to vote for the girls.

The results will be revealed next week, keep an eye out!


Mollie Tracey

mollie tracey

Age: 20

Course: 2nd year Broadcast Journalism student

Relationship status: Taken

Ibeam Griffiths


Age: 20

Course: 2nd year Fashion management

Relationship status: Taken

Ideal date: Dinner on a beach

Emma Mcguinness


Age: 20

Course: Psychology

Relationship status: Single

Ideal date: Liam Hemsworth floating on a lilo in the Great Barrier Reef

Aysha Bugel


Age: 18

Course: 1st year Psychology with criminology

Relationship status: Taken

Ideal date: Someone who is tanned, with dark hair and nice teeth and eyes.

Kate Morton

kate 1

Age: 21

Course: 2nd year Fashion Management

Relationship status: Taken

Ideal date: Going to Sticks n Sushi and getting a “soosh baby”


University of Nottingham


Age: 25

Course: Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience

Relationship status: In a relationship

Ideal date: To watch the night sky through a telescope together


Rachel Mulcahy

Rachel Mulcahy

Age: 19

Course: Geography

Relationship status: Single

Ideal date: Something chilled like going to cocktails at a quirky bar

Illin Johnson

ilin johnson

Age: 21

Course: Psychology and Cog. Neuroscience

Relationship status: Taken

Ideal date: Anywhere with noodles and wine is perfect

Amy Longland

amy longland

Age: 20

Course: International Relations and Global Issues

Relationship status: Taken

Ideal person to date: Some with a sense of humour and intelligence

NOT-SO-FUN FACT: Amy was once cornered in toilets by Trent girls on a varsity bar crawl. “They called me stuck up”

Emma Kuziara

emma k

Emma K is a professional glamour model. We spoke to her about the ‘No More Page 3’ campaign last year and you can follow her on Twitter here

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