The Dark Knight keeps Notts students safe at night

“Batman and Robin” campaign encourages students to stick together when they go out

UoN’s Off Campus Student Affairs team has launched a quirky new campaign which uses the example of Batman and Robin to show how students are safer sticking together when they go out.

The recently launched campaign is centering on an easy yet vital golden rule: four eyes see more than two. The campaign urges students to watch out for each other during or after night outs to keep safe and who better to remind us of that than Batman and Robin?

fish and chips

The campaign reminds students of the importance of using licensed taxis, keeping personal belongings safe and out of sight, and preferring to use well-lit areas when walking late at night.

Within the scope of the campaign was last week’s ‘You go together’ launch event, where ‘Batman and Robin’ handed out fish and chips in the common room of St. Peter’s Court as a symbolic gesture which points out that some things just go together and to keep safe, we should go together too.

fish and chip

Nottinghamshire Police’s Neighbourhood Policing Team also contributed by giving advice on the topic and underlining the importance of not flashing or displaying valuables.

Off Campus Student Affairs Manager at the University, Melanie Futer said: “We know that Nottingham is a safe city, which offers our students a lot of opportunities to enjoy an active and varied social life alongside their studies. The ‘You go together’ campaign is designed to make sure that students are aware of the simple actions they can take to ensure that they don’t make themselves vulnerable.”