Annie’s Burger Shack lives up to the hype

The Tab went down to check out the mystery that is Annie’s Burger Shack and Freehouse in the depths of Lace Market

Although it’s famously hard to get a table, once inside, Annie’s Burger Shack is an American-style haven of burgers and beer.

Offering a meat, vegetarian, and vegan option for each of their thirty burger combinations, as well as an extensive selection of sides, there really is something for everyone. You even get a choice of chips: skinny fries, curly fries, or potato wedges.

The Delta

The Delta – the omega of burgers

We opted for the Delta – a mouth-watering combination of meaty burger, cheese, onion rings and jalapeños, with curly fries.

The Gringo turned out to be an intriguing combination of rice, beans and sour cream precariously balanced in a tortilla basket on top of the meaty goodness.

The Gringo

The Gringo – a balancing act of goodness

It’s easy for somewhere such as Annie’s to promise more than they can deliver, but that’s just not the case here – the burgers really are as good as they sound, with the meat cooked excellently and the curly fries perfectly crunchy.

The only real downside The Tab uncovered was the slightly soggy onion rings as a result of being smothered in burger sauce. Not a lot to complain about really.

The deserts are also highly recommended. The brownie is the gooiest, fudgiest, chocolatiest thing you’ve ever eaten, and the cherry pie is full of whole, juicy cherries: all served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.


You’ll be fighting over these tables on an evening or weekend

Booking in advance is essential. A week in advance if you can, and it’s best to go into the restaurant in person if possible, they’re so busy they tend to ignore the phone.

Lunch is the other option, and it’s much easier to walk in and get a table. Although, at that point rule out dinner as the portions are indulgently huge.

Annie’s cannot be recommended higher – we are looking for the next excuse to go already.