Bake-ril Fools: 8 ideas for deceptive treats

Anchovy crumble cake for you? Ketchup velvet cupcake for the lady?

How about trying something different this year and baking a nasty little something for everybody to enjoy?

Below is a list of classic and easy indulgences, each with a slightly sickening twist.

1. Mustard rice krispie cakes

Quick and easy, rice krispie cakes are perfect if you are under tight time constraints to pull off your prank.

To really cock it up, pile in the mustard and watch your unsuspecting mates cry.


2. Cupcakes with horseradish icing

This one’s great as it’s basically regular cupcakes but with horseradish smoothed enticingly over the top. This means that you can make an ordinary batch of cakes sans the grim icing for your own enjoyment.

Consider further decorating your cakes with sprinkles to distract the more astute individuals from noticing the dubious grainy quality of it.

3. Ketchup red velvet cake

Okay, so this one’s for those who like their pranks nice and elaborate.

You can skip most of the more obscure ingredients that are in normal red velvet recipes- just make sure you squirt a healthy dollop of ketchup in with the mixture before you pop it in the oven.


4. Curry brownies

Brownies are brilliant for a number of reasons. Not only do they taste of sex but it is also quite easy to disguise minging stuff in the mixture. Get yourself down to Sainsbury’s and pick up the strongest curry sauce you can find.

Do ensure you are home alone when you make these- your house will invariably smell of Savera afterwards and this could give the game away.


5. Beetroot jelly

Dissolve some blackcurrant jelly cubes as you normally would.  Meanwhile, mush up some beetroot as best as you can and bung it in with the solution.

You can now cool this using the earthy-smelling beetroot juice left in the jar, before hiding it in the fridge.



6. Caper cookies

Another classic. Use a simple cookie recipe and substitute the choc chips for capers.

Capers smell of fish and syphilis but, once out of the oven, this will be completely overridden by the appetising aroma of regular cookies wafting upstairs…


7. Crapjacks

These are basically flapjacks but with the addition of a copious amount of gravy granules.

Watch others look on in horror as they try to make sense of the salty-versus-sweet war occurring in their mouths.


8. Anchovy crumble

Take a bat to the head of the much-loved comfort food that is apple crumble. Let’s face it, it needs more protein.

A small tin of anchovies at Sainsbury’s: well under £1. The moment your housemate sprays a mouthful of this all over his coursework: priceless.