The Tab Tries: Having A Go

Anna Brown puts her best foot forward to try out six of Nottingham’s alternative dance societies!

So after seriously considering my questionable dancing the night before at Pandora’s Box, I decided to take it upon myself as my first act on Tab duty to head on down to the Alternative Dance Day to try out some new moves.

There was six different types of boogying to get down to so I started with the biggest hurdle: pole dancing.

At the start I was literally one of two people joining in with the pole dancing taster and so felt a bit of a tit at 12pm, with a slight hangover I won’t lie, about to ‘mount the pole’ if that’s how they say it.


Wearing an oversized Tab t-shirt and inappropriately skinny jeans for the activities, I stepped up to the pole expecting failure. And I was right!

I couldn’t do a single move without grunting but despite this, it was actually a lot of fun! The society people were extremely helpful in teaching you the moves and if you’d like to look better than me on the pole, the society meets on Wednesdays at The Twisted Pole in town.

Pole Dance Society
Membership fee: £5 includes discounted lessons


After that it was time to delve into another type of dancing so I decided to try my hand at break dancing. Yes, break dancing.

Let’s just say I am definitely not cut out for the street life but if you are interested in learning to look cool while dancing to some ‘sick beats’ then it is definitely worth checking out their beginners training session on Saturdays at 5pm in the dance studio.

Break Dance Society 

Membership: £10 includes all sessions and classes



Post-break (a hip) dancing, we were treated to a hula hoop society demonstration which ended up with me getting involved in a hula hoop rendition of the cha-cha slide. That’s right, I kid you not, I actually participated in this.

While it may not have been the same atmosphere as the Oceana Cheese Room, it did get people quite motivated to have a go and after learning it is only 50p a lesson, even I’m considering joining that society.

Hoop Society 

Membership: 50p per session 


Just going round in circles...

Just going round in circles…

So next up on the rota was belly dancing. This was going on at the same time as the Copoeira taster and so there was a clear gender divide in the room at this moment (however, props to the one guy who did join the girls).

So while I was shaking my booty in a bedlah, a bunch of guys were dancing and fighting at the same time, it was quite a sight and I’m slightly upset that I didn’t get to try it (although if you would like a go they are doing classes Monday and Wednesday at 5pm)!

But belly dancing was a lot of fun too and while I didn’t look sexy in the slightest as you are probably meant to, it was very easy to get the hang of.

Belly Dance Society 

Membership: £3.50 for Beginners classes £4.50 for non-members


Don't be shy girl go bananza, shake ya body like a bellydancer!

Don’t be shy girl go bananza, shake ya body like a bellydancer!

Unfortunately I had to dash after that so my taster day was over only too quickly – boo.

After having a go at all the things the societies had to offer, its plain to see that no matter what your experience  is Nottingham’s dance  community can help you find your inner Strictly contestant; all you need is the right attitude and the right enthusiasm!