Things To Do On Lecture Strike Day

With lecturers striking tomorrow, what are you going to do with your day off? The Tab has some ideas for you…

Uni staff are striking tomorrow in an effort to get more than a 1% pay rise.

The lectures are rejecting the pay rise on the grounds that it is really a 13% pay cut in real terms. With pressure being put on the collective tweed blazer fund, they have decided to take it out on the students.

This strike is the second in two months after lecturers gave a us all a beautiful post Halloween lie-in, even though the turnout on University Park left much to be desired.

Vive la revolucion?

It seems, however, that our humble campus will be left woefully full staffed as many lecturers have decided not to strike, with one academic, who chose to remain anonymous, even calling the unions ‘pathetic’.

With the university remaining suspiciously quiet on the subject and the unions telling us that no-one but a tumbleweed will be in lectures, The Tab recommends staying away from campus, where the politics can’t find you.

In order to help you overcome the understandable melancholy in your hearts and inevitable boredom that this free day might bring, we have come up with a few suggestions as to how to spend your day.

1. Throw a party

Balloons gif

2. Bake a treat for you and your housemates

bake a treat

3. Get monumentally wasted and play adventure golf at the Cornerhouse


4. Satisfy your urge to learn and a find a lecture which is still going ahead somewhere on campus

Can't hold me back!

Can’t hold me back!

5. Play pranks on strangers


6. Watch re-runs of Friends all day

friends reruns7. Put up the Christmas decorations

Christmas deco

8. Spend the day regretting the decisions you make on your celebratory night out

"I won't regret this tomorrow"

“I won’t regret this tomorrow”

9. Fill out as many game show applications as you can


10. Sit and cry about how much the strikes are costing you in loans

crying bout lectures

11. Do work.