Campus Style Goes To Crisis

This Halloween the Tab trailed through the long Crisis queue to find the most fashionable costumes.

One all-frighter ticket – £6.75; a well planned Halloween outfit – £20; copious amounts of alcohol in plastic water bottles for the hour-long queue – £10; patiently standing in said queue with dreams of cutting shapes in the main room – priceless.

This past Wednesday the Tab took to the Crisis to filter through the queuing masses in a bid to unearth the most fashionable Halloween outfits.

Was yours one of them?

Ellie became a creature of the night in her sexy bat costume. Her amazing makeup tied it all together and made her original outfit stand out.


Ellie Haughton, 3rd Year Medicine

It’s a little cold for shorts, but this didn’t phase Freddie. He donned a pair of tailored chino shorts, a bloodied white shirt and tie to easily achieve this look of zombie schoolboy. The mismatched socks are a nice finishing touch.


Freddie Shields, 1st year History student

So what does the fox say? We still don’t know but we don’t care because Camilla’s costume doesn’t need words. Probably one of the most unique costumes of the night, Camilla stood out in her wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow style.


Camilla Fraser, 2nd Year History

We couldn’t help but taking a picture of our very own fashion editor Sidney. He was one of very few that managed to combine scary and style in one Halloween costume, which made him the best dressed vampire of the night.


Angel or devil? Or, even better, combine the two like Tasha did. Style points go to her devilish studded top that totally complements the whole costume.


Tasha Paul, 2nd Year History

When dressing up as Avatars the exposed nipples are optional, but the blue body paint is a must. Ellen brightened up the affair with assortments of gold jewellery ensuring the duo easy entry into Pandora.


Ellen Wilkinson, 1st year Politics student & Mark Lawes, 1st year History student

This witch outfit is a firm favourite for us. From the neck down this little black dress and red clutch make the outfit club appropriate. Zoom out, and Hennie’s makeup and silver hair confirms the scary intentions.


Hennie Rawe, 1st year International Business Management student

From the trilby to the shoes, Kevin might just be the most stylish mime we’ve ever laid our eyes on. He mixed horizontal stripes with polka dots and added in some red braces for good measure, topping off the outfit with appropriate mime makeup.


Kevin Hassan, 2nd year History student