Freshers Week Caters to the Majority at the Expense of the Minority

Freshers week isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The common view that freshers week is the “best week of our lives” is debatable. For some, freshers week is more of an isolating experience than it is a life changing experience.

Yes, we are given new found freedom to do as we like, when we like, away from the prying eyes of our parents, but one of the fundamental flaws of freshers week is that it fails to cater to the needs of the minority.


Where music is concerned, there seems to be only one genre; chart music. Nothing wrong with it, I’ll admit that I’m partial to the odd pop song here and there, but five consecutive nights of the same genre can become tedious.

Too much of this...

Too much of this…

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of good music on a night out but it’s crucial in making one feel comfortable when in unfamiliar surroundings. So what about Hip Hop, R n B, rock music?

A little variety wouldn’t go amiss, if anything it would encourage greater participation …isn’t that what freshers week is all about?

The situation shouldn’t be so dire that people are forced to attend outside events because the music at freshers is not to their taste; it defeats the very purpose of Week One.


The party-led drinking-heavy nature of freshers week alienates non-drinkers. To put it simply, if you’re not drinking, fitting in becomes an uphill struggle.

The accepted view, that drinking is integral to socialising, means that most non-drinkers feel like outsiders from the get go.

Why is this an issue? Well, as a university we should seek to be inclusive, acknowledging all types of people that make up the university’s diverse spectrum of students.


Most non-drinkers feel like outsiders

Fun, alternative events should be promoted for those who aren’t interested in partying or maybe just want a break from the going out every night. And no, the occasional pub quiz/ movie night doesn’t count.

More interesting, viable options should be brought to the table, in order to ensure that those who don’t drink, for whatever reason, are not subject to undue pressure.

Reserved People

Freshers week is created for extroverts. It’s geared towards the social butterfly, not the awkward individual.

That’s why, for naturally shy people, freshers week has an additional layer of pressure, the pressure to make friends is escalated x100 and something as simple as pre-drinks becomes so much more daunting.

Pressure to conform

Pressure to conform

So why are most events geared towards being loud, crude and generally over the top?

It only alienates people further, not everyone is naturally outgoing and no-one should have to force themselves to be something they’re not.

Freshers week provides the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone, meet new people and explore an aspect of your personality you perhaps didn’t even know existed.

A little consideration would ensure the experience is positive for everyone, not just those who fit the status quo.