Elections Charity Crisis

Elections Committee refuses campaigners permission to make a charitable donation in return for a night of campaigning at Crisis.

The Student’s Union Elections Committee has refused to allow SU candidates to make a charitable donation to Hope for Children, in return for a night of PR at Crisis.

After being bombarded by requests for free entry to Crisis for campaigners, Carpe Noctum offered to assist campaigners whilst pointing out that Notts Uni have no ‘special entitlements’.

However campaigning at Crisis does not come cheap. Candidates were requested to make a £10 charitable donation to Hope for Children, the chosen charity of Carpe Noctum.

In return they would receive 5 free entry passes per campaign team. With a total of 39 candidates, this would mean Crisis was willing to give a maximum of £975 in return for a £390 charitable donation.

Campaigning in Crisis has cost in the past…

After an emergency meeting and a high amount of deliberation the Elections Committee ruled that ‘the charitable donation is not permitted’. Candidates were advised this ruling was final.

The issue was that the donation would come from the campaign budget, and the Union cannot make charitable donations. Candidates must therefore pay for entry.

The ruling of the Committee

The Elections Committee had no problem allowing candidates to take advantage of balcony space for banners, and screens for images and campaign promotion. Freely, of course.

The Committee initially stated that any candidate promoting at Crisis would be subject to Elections Committee Disciplinary Procedures. They revised this to allow campaigning so long as no donation was made

It would seem then, that the candidates are no better than the rest of you attending Crisis this Wednesday for the usual price of entry.

Andrew Smith commented that he is really disappointed the charitable donation received objections. It’s unlikely that he will be alone in this view.