Website of the Week: Campus Trader

Sick of news feeds full of ticket sellers? Need that book but don’t want to pay the postage fees?

Can’t find that elusive book that you’ve been told is essential for your dissertation? Stuck for a flatmate for next year and don’t want to fork out extra rent? 

You might be thinking you avoid the stupidly high costs in Blackwell’s by using Amazon.  Campus Trader goes one step further by connecting you with other Notts students to avoid the postage fees and spamming Facebook feeds AND it’s free to use.

Even when you’re posting these goods online there’s no listing fees you might get on Amazon or Ebay. Everybody hates looking like a ticket tout on event pages for Dollop and Campus Trader provides the space to sell your spare ticket hassle free.

Charlie Harris and Rickin Patel, students at Nottingham and Kent respectively, started the business in December 2011 to provide an easy free to use platform for students to connect and exchange wanted goods.

According to the site the ‘service helps connect all students at the same university and improve the probability of finding what you need near you at a good price.’

They’re even giving something back by donating 35% of the money from advertising back into student unions that wish to participate in helping them to startup.

So check out Campus Trader next time you want to sell that spare Ocean ticket or even if you fancy earning a few quid through tutoring the uni younglings.