Action ‘Singles Out’ NUCA

NUCA feel ‘singled out’ after they are disciplined for noise at controversial rape debate.


NUCA claim they have been “singled out” by the disciplinary action that is to be taken against them for their Port & Policy event held last Friday. 

Thomas Barlow, President of NUCA, told The Tab he “had heard nothing of any disciplinary proceedings” until he was informed of an article published this evening in Impact which he felt drew unnecessary attention and “blew the issue out of proportion”.

The reason for disciplinary action is not clear, but it is believed to be for noise rather than the topic of the debate.

Mark Wenman, the Hall Warden, told Impact: “There were some disciplinary issues regarding the debate. These matters are being addressed through the disciplinary process.”

The Tab yesterday reported how the Women’s Network were outraged by the ‘victim-blaming’ when the Conservative Society discussed whether women who dress provocatively are more likely to be raped.

The row escalated when the news was later picked up by Huffington Post, sparking debate among the students of Nottingham.

Barlow felt that Impact’s coverage had been badly worded, and that disciplinary action was  probably being taken on account of the noise created at the debate.

“I found out the same way as everyone else but still have no idea knowing what for. The issue has been completely blown out of proportion as a result. This is a huge issue if action is taken for the topic of the debate.

I feel we’ve been singled out because of one of the three debate topics at the event.”

NUCA had left the library of Lincoln Hall by 9:30 despite having the room booked until 10pm, on account of noise complaints from the hall tutor. Barlow added that he thought it was “unreasonable to complain about noise at 9pm on a Friday, when there are probably plenty of other places around campus making more noise at that time.” 

They moved onto the hall bar at that point where they received no further complaint. Barlow added the society had no problem paying for any accidental damages but that they have not had any similar issues before when receiving noise complaints.

Labour society have received similar punishment, Barlow commented, after they were banned from the same hall library for ‘tavernesque behaviour’. “They attend our events and we attend theirs, we have a really friendly relationship. But Labour soc never got any of this bad coverage.”