If you’re going to play a game of peek-a-boo, make sure your boxers are suitable!

More recently as skinny jeans have trended and become my jean of choice, I’ve found myself frequently engaging in games of ‘peek-a-boo’, or ‘hide and seek’ if you’d rather.

The game is simple: it consists of me hiding (from the general public) the outline of my genitalia in a fitted pair of jeans as I travel in and around town going about my daily business. This game of hide and seek is somewhat one-sided, in as much as the public aren’t aware that they’re playing it. For that same reason I have no clear score sheet.

However, I do assume that due to my recent purchase of Calvin Klein’s, I am in the lead by a considerable amount (succeeding in my bid to adequately conceal my genitalia at a ratio of about 90:10, in my favour).

Calvin Klein has been a main player in the male underwear market since the 80’s and every shred of experience shows. Their trunks provide an arctic feeling of cool – the type of underwear a style enthused girlfriend (or mum, in the case of a singleton) would purchase on your behalf.
Furthermore, the comfortable nature removes the need to constantly readjust your ‘stuff’ throughout the day. The spacious, no-fly pouch, with central stitching, plays the role of a gun at a knife fight – it fights against the natural slanting of the male genitalia with great ease, leaving an evenly shaped ‘bulge’ that would be proudly sported by males everywhere.
Not only are they a pragmatic choice of underwear, but a stylish one too. The array of colours and patterns available allows for personal expression of style. Calvin Klein presents a winning formula in underwear design.
If you were to indulge in a month’s supply however, coming in at around £30 a piece, you may just have to turn to Jacobs crème crackers to provide you with breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the foreseeable future. This may not seem worth it, but for the perfect pair of underwear; it’s definitely worth a thought.

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