Sonic Boom Six & Imperial Leisure @ Rock City

Punk, Ska and Gangnam Style. What more could you want?!

The perfect start for Sonic Boom Six’s tour on Friday, 2 November 2012, with sound clips of the London riots last summer and a punk remix of ‘Gangnam Style’, they proved that they are certainly a band to stand up and take notice of.

Local support bands Just James and Follow You Home, justified that the punk rock scene in Nottingham was still alive and kicking with their aggressive performances.

However, main support act Imperial Leisure were the ones to ignite the excitement within the crowd. Ska belongs to the summer, yet despite the bitterly cold autumn the band brought the exhilaration of what seems to be distant memories that music can always provide.

Imperial Leisure

They created the summer buzz imagination within the audience.  Before the gig, Denis and Scott told The Tab that for their first gig on their tour they were hoping for no misfortunes after recalling on past gigs; equipment breaking and trashing dressing rooms.

They had nothing to worry about. Wearing their C.A.L.M. tees (the charity Campaign Against Living Miserably that Imperial Leisure support), their mind-blowing set fitted the bill very nicely indeed. Their rich and vibrant sounds of the horns, jangling guitars and hypnotic keys enticed the crowd, with their colourful set.

Imperial Leisure’s energy was certainly infectious. By the time Sonic Boom Six arrived on stage, the crowd roared with pleasure. Just when you think that the ska punk band were something that you were familiar with, they take you by surprise.

Sonic Boom Six

Half way through their track ‘The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Inventions’, Sonic Boom Six pulled out a punk remix of internet hit ‘Gangnam Style’, of course perfecting Psy’s iconic rodeo chic.

There were smiles all around with front woman Laila proudly announcing to the crowd that their latest album was their most successful and opening in Nottingham couldn’t have been at a better place to start the tour.

Their passion was unmistakable while they continued their set covering The Street’s ‘Let’s Push Things Forward’, they are indeed, a fun band to watch.

The Rock City Basement is a small venue but the Sonic Boom Six tour showed that big isn’t necessary best. I felt nostalgic watching these bands as I was taken back to when I was first getting into ska. A phenomenal night, now where are my Sublime CDs?

To follow up on the antics on Imperial Leisure, the full interview will be broadcasted on on Wednesday,  7 November 2012 at 12 noon on the Erin and Ellen show.