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Derby Day 2019: Here’s what to expect!

Can UEA pull off their 7th Derby Day win in a row?…yeah probably…

Whether you're into sporting events or not, Derby Day never fails to be one of the highlights of the year.

With the sun shining (maybe), Snakey B's in hand, its time to grab your mates and head on down to the Sportspark, or 'Fortress Colney', to cheer on the many sport teams of UEA, whether you have any idea what the hell is going on or not!

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UEA Men's Rugby taking on Essex in 2017 (Photo by Fraser Harrop)

What is Derby Day?

If you're in first or second year then chances are this is will be your first Derby Day, as it is the first to take place on UEA soil since 2017. Derby Day is the annual sports festival against our local rivals, the University of Essex…Or the 'Essex Blades' as their sports clubs go by.

Throughout the day numerous UEA and Essex sport teams battle it out, over a huge variety of events, to add points to the overall tally. The Uni with the most wins at the end of the day is crowned the winner.

This year UEA Sport are on a mission to achieve their 7th consecutive Derby Day win in a row.

When is Derby Day 2019?

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UEA Sport and Essex Blades throw down this year on 1st May, just over a month away.

Last Year Vs This Year…

Back in April 2018, UEA took the 'W' by a narrow 3 points in a 17-14 finish. However, the competition was reduced to fewer teams taking part and a smaller sense of spectatorship due to smaller facilities away.

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UEA come out on top with 17 wins on Derby Day 2018

If Derby Day is anything like it was back in 2017, this year could see well over 50 different events and competitions take place all over, on and off campus.

A few highlights include…

Over at the Sportspark you can get behind the Hockey, Swimming, Climbing, Korfball and badminton teams hoping to maintian their titles. Whilst, Men's Basketball and Women's Netball hope to reclaim theirs after last year's defeat.

Down at the UEA dubbed 'Fortress' at Colney Lane you can back both the Men and Women's football teams, as they hope to carry on their winning streak after last year. As well as, Women's Rugby and Men's Ultimate Frisbee.

A huge highlight sees a grudge match between the Men's Rugby team and the Essex Blades, after their disappointing defeat at Essex Uni in 2018. Preparations for this huge occasion are already underway with Men's Rugby hoping to reclaim the 'W' this year with style. Tensions on this one are going to be high!

Derby Day is a great day to experience the British Springtime in full force.

Whether you are into sport or not, Derby Day is a fun occasion to have a break from the workload, enjoy the start of Spring with bevvies in hand, and for UEA to come together and support one another as a community.

On the 1st May, don't forget to head on to campus grab some drinks and get involved! Let's go yellow blues!

Graphics: UEA SU