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Summer Graduation 2019 Has Been announced and it’s not at Carrow Road

Graduating in a sports hall feels very High School Musical

The 2019 Summer Graduation Ceremony dates have finally been announced. Between Monday 15th July and Friday 19th July there will be nineteen ceremonies taking place, all within… the Sportspark?

After one year at Carrow Road, UEA Graduation is back on campus but this time it will not be held in Congregation Hall either, with the university opting for the alternative location based on capacity reasons.

After general discontent at the ceremonies being held at Carrow Road in 2018, has the change of location for 2019 been welcomed by this years third years?

Zhyar Said (Pharmacy student) has said “it is probably a good thing that it is back on campus, the gown hire service normally wants their gowns back within the hour, so people last year did not manage to get to campus and back in time for photos by the lake and all the other instagramining things.”

Nathan Tamea (History and Politics student) commented that “it is probably the best option.”

Hayley Walker (English Literature student) even went as far as to exclaim “that is the ugliest thing I’ve ever heard!” upon hearing that she will graduate in the Sportspark.

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unhappy third year graduating in a gym

For some more than others shall we say.

The Norwich Tab spoke to the university, who said: “We’re pleased to be bringing our graduation ceremonies back to campus this year and will be holding them at the Sportspark.

"This year’s graduation will involve 19 ceremonies and more than 20,000 students and their guests will come together to celebrate their achievements. It’s the pinnacle of a student’s time with us and students and staff always enjoy the buzz and excitement around campus during the week.”

Follow this link to find out when your ceremony is! (Unlucky if you're at 9:30am…)