Every type of night out you’ll have in your first few weeks at UEA

Listen Up Freshers!

1. The First Night Out With Your Flatmates:

This is usually your first night in UEA accommodation. Whether you're in the Ziggs or Mary Chapman Court, everyone will be nervous about meeting their flatmates for the very first time. You’ll all drink far too much and be paying for it all week, but there’s nothing quite like the first bonding experience, over drinking games and cheap vodka, accompanied by the people you’ll spend the rest of your first year with.

2. Your First Night Pre-ing in the Ziggurats:

You'll hear plenty of rumours about the legendary pres at the Ziggs but you won’t understand what they're all about until you actually attend. The strange layout, big kitchen and communal bathrooms make it the perfect place for messy pre-drinks.

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Enjoy the prosecco money while it lasts

3. The Night Out with Total Strangers:

Whether your close friends are too hungover from the night before or haven't managed to find tickets for the same event as you, you'll end up going out with a new course mate or someone you've said hi to that lives in the same block as you. Either way, you'll be thankful for branching out into a new friendship circle, these people could become your closest friends or friendly faces in a night out.

4. Your First Sports/Society Social:

Even if you're not thinking about joining a club on campus, try something!

Even if you've never played the sport or know nothing about the society. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and be in the same boat as so many other freshers I PROMISE.

This will be the weirdest and wackiest night of your life. Just remember to pace yourself and be ready to down a dirty pint if you don’t put enough effort into your fancy dress. We don't make the rules, only enforce them.

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sports socials are WILD

5. The Night You Think You’re Not Going Out:

This will be the night that you've planned to miss, (probably mid-week) or day you swore to never drink again. You'll start the night necking a beer feeling like you want to chunder, and then realising half way through the night that this is your best night out of freshers so far. Make sure you have a Berocca when you get home as this hangover will be the mother of all hangovers.

6. Your First SU/LCR Night:

This is the night that you realise that the LCR is the Holy Land. Convenient, cheap, and with music to satisfy everyone's night-out needs; this will be the night you realise there's no beating the LCR. Cherish ALL the Damn Goods and A-Lists in your first year because in second and third year you’ll be walking back to your house off campus and WISHING you were still a mere 2 minute stumble from your flat.

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7. Your First Prince of Wales Road Night:

Whether you're going to a planned event or have ended up in Loft at the end of the night, this will be the evening where you explore what Norwich night-life has to offer. Make sure you know exactly where all the good kebab shops are and have a number saved in your phone for a taxi at the end of the night because unfortunately, Norwich doesn't have Uber.

8. Your First Fancy Dress Night:

Glitter Galore, Bright and Tight, and ABC (Anything But Clothes) are typical fancy dress themes found at any university. You'll end up in one of two categories: The Hoarder, or The Victim.

The Hoarder is the one that ends up stashing a ridiculous amount of fancy dress by the end of the night; stealing accessories and props will be your forte and you'll wake up in the morning with unexplainable items dotted around your room.

The Victim is the person that The Hoarder preys on. By the end of the night you will have nothing left, and every time another fancy dress night comes around, you'll promise yourself you won’t lose anything this time.

9. The Night You Don't Remember:

This will be the night you drink copious amounts of alcohol because you don't yet know your Uni limits. You'll be seen hugging a toilet bowl for the majority of the night and have many unexplained, blurry photos on your Camera Roll of complete strangers who you'll probably never see again.

You'll have to ask your friends, and maybe family, what you got up to the night before because that's the only way you're going to piece the night together.