UEA’s BNOC of the Year 2018: Round two

Let round two commence

You may have seen the first batch of students in contention to be crowned 2018's BNOC of UEA, and here we are ready to reveal four more potential winners. Get voting below!

Henry Rowe, Second year, Culture, Literature and Politics

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Henry has been nominated rather ironically for being out of action for several months after a crazy pres went wrong, as well as his legendary Michael Jackson inspired moves.

His nomination said: "Henry’s an absolute lad. He’s a big name amongst his friendship group and loved by all. He nearly died at the last pres he was at and is off of uni right now but is finessing his recovery like the BNOC he is! Another massive factor of his BNOC status would be his sublime dance moves, as the only guy on UEA Royal’s committee the women of UEA love him.

"He won UEA’s Got Talent last year for his dancing and did this lean on the LCR stage, no sticky floor needed. Think he caught a VK in the LCR once but I might be making that up…"

Joseph Sandy, Third year, Biomedical Science

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Joseph has been nominated for being renowned as possibly UEA's friendliest student. Joe is well known on UEA’s American Football team, the Pirates, and apparently he’s also pretty damn good on the drums as well. Heres his nomination:

“Where to start with Joe? He absolutely one of the best people to know on campus and probably one of the friendliest you’ll ever meet. He’s a man of many talents, whether thats playing the drums or guitar, playing the line in American Football or showing off his moves in the LCR. He’s a true believer in the going the extra mile on a night out, which is probably why I’ve never seen him have a bad time.”

Chris Knibb, Second year, Economics

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Chris has been nominated after completing an incredible drinking challenge and frequenting everyone's favourite place for a night out, the LCR.

According to one nominator, Chris "has continued to go out four times a week despite being in the last term of second year. He once tried to finish off 60 beers out of a wok before projectile vomiting.

"It's fair to say that he didn't manage to keep all of them down."

Emily Bourne, Third year, History

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Last year's winner Emily has been a well known face of the UEA women's rugby team in the past couple of years and has been known to sport some incredible fancy dress in her time at UEA.

Her nomination said: “One time everyone was going out fancy dressed, Embo didn’t stick to the normal cat or rabbit, no, she went as the Empire State Building.”