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UEA’s BNOC of the Year 2018: Round One

Here they are, your first batch of BNOCs

You may remember not so long ago we asked you all to nominate who you thought were the biggest BNOCs on campus. We received a lot of nominations, so we've put together the crème de la crème for you guys to decide who will be UEA's BNOC of the Year 2018.

There are three rounds, each with four BNOCs. The winners of their round will go into the final three where you guys will vote for who you think should be crowned BNOC of the Year 2018. So let's meet the first four:

Terry Thomas, First year, Environmental Science

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Terry was nominated for what sounds like a particularly heavy night and how he acquired the nickname Shrubs: "He acquired the nickname "Shrubs" in Fresher's Week as he was abandoned, genitals out, in the shrubbery by our accommodation. Since then, he's been to every Damn Good (except like two) where he genuinely gets recognised by some fans, whose identity he is unsure of.

"He even has a fan account on Instagram, @itsmeterrythomas, that has an avid following from all over the country. His favourite hobby is to count how many likes he can get by commenting something witty on a Concrete Confessions post. It is his lifelong goal to become a BNOC, so his catchphrase 'wow… he's got it all' can finally ring true."

Connor Grant, Second year, History student

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Connor is the former men’s third team captain for Hockey and next years publicity sec for Hockey, the reason for his nomination is pretty intense: "He was enjoying the LCR too much and decided to kiss the floor, ended up in A&E with seven stitches to then boast about it the next month and a half to everyone and anyone."

Alice Martin, First year, History and Politics

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Alice from her nomination seems like she's firmly cemented herself as a bit of a UEA BNOC: "You cannot walk on to campus with this girl without having to stop every two minutes to speak to a different person she knows. How does she know everyone? Most of the time through her drunk shenanigans whether that's trying to get on stage trying to be a MC, break/start fights or organised dances with her rugby girls on a sports night.

"Alice is always out with a record of being drunk for a solid month in first semester of first year. She is loved by her rugby girls, being elected second team captain for the next coming year. Top lad who deserves to be BNOC."

Stephanie Nicole Bailey, Third year, Marketing and Management

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Stephanie is the final contestant of our first round. Her nomination comes from what sounds like an equally heavy night out: "She threw up on blue bar floor, it sprayed everywhere and she just carried on dancing to Feed em to the Lions… never met anybody who has been out more than her she is wild."

So there we go, our first batch of BNOCs. Get voting for who you think should go through to the final below.