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You can now rate your Norwich uni landlord

Not sure the landlords will be happy about this

Concrete Confessions Between UEA Seshions posted a link to a new website which allows students to rate their landlord.

The website, called myStudentLandlord, which appears to be created by a UEA student, is designed specifically for UEA students to leave anonymous reviews of their landlords.

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Whoever you are, thank you

Since the launch of the site there have been loads of posts by students rating their landlords from one to five stars. Some reviews are glowing, however the vast majority rate Norwich student landlords as pretty poor.

I'm sure they will be very happy about this…

This not the first site letting students rate their landlords. In Manchester, a group called the Fallowfield Student Accommodation was set up.

However the group has been temporarily banned due to threats of legal action from landlords. The reason for said threats was due to the landlords not being in the group and therefore they could not defend themselves.

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The outcome of this isn't clear as of ye

It remains to be seen whether the same will happen to myStudentLandlord.