Everything you’ve learned from your first semester at UEA

The struggle is real

Being a student at university has more than likely made you realise that weighing up getting good grades, sleeping, and having a social is much harder than you first expected.

Unless you’re fresher who substitutes good grades for a 40 per cent, and chooses going out instead, you’re not alone. It’s no doubt, however, that your first semester at uni will have changed some things about you, and if it hasn’t, you may have realised some ugly, or nice truths.

You need mummy more than ever

You’ll have built up a phone bill from calling her to ask how long defrosted chicken breast is safe to eat for. Or you’ll spend your time texting her pictures of dinner you made all on your own – be proud of me.


Procrastination is now at a whole new level

I can’t be the only person who actually cleans rather than doing the reading that was set? If you’ve found yourself a flat/housemate who is the same, you’re in for a real treat – you can call it teamwork. If you’re lost for procrastination activities, try the geo-locater game. You’re welcome.

“At least I went” is your new catchphrase

You can go to a lecture and literally not listen to word, but at least you went. It’s fine, we’ve all been there, more than once. Just know in second year, it’ll be time to open your ears, so enjoy getting away with it while you can.

VK are acceptable and actually do get you drunk

We all laugh at the concept of us at 14 drinking WKD and it being pure blue juice, but a VK really does the job. After decent pre-drinks, you now know you’re on your way to a blackout with sufficient fizzy orange juice (or blue if you’re that person.)

You are more free than ever, dangerously so

You choose when you wake up, you eat what you want and you go out when you like. Which leads to a 2pm rise, no lectures, definitely no seminars and plenty of Damn Goods. Fear not, you’ll sort yourself out at some point.