Loyle Carner has sexist fan kicked out from the LCR

The fan had been heckling the female support act

Last night Loyle Carner called out a fan who had been making sexist remarks to the support act, and had the gig bouncers escort him out of the LCR.

Reportedly the fan shouted "you have big tits" at the support.

UEA student Eddie, who was at the gig, said: "I didn't hear it but Loyle came out, played his first song and then came forward to the crowd and said 'I hear someone was shouting sexist stuff at the support?'"

Eddie continued: "Everyone pointed at this one guy, and Loyle just said 'you need to get the fuck outta here' and the bouncers removed him.

"I loved his response, it was perfect and the whole crowd was on his side. We have a policy at UEA that sexual harassment is never okay and that includes at gigs."

Fans of Carner took to Twitter to show their support.

A spokesperson for the SU said: "Whilst we can't comment on investigations into ongoing cases, we can confirm that we continue to operate a Zero Tolerance approach to sexual harassment in our Venues.

"It's crucial that our customers know that when we find evidence of our policies being breached, we'll take action."