BNOC of the Year 2017: Round Four

Are we still doing this?

You’ve voted for the first three rounds, now you’ve got one last chance to decide who will be taking a place in the final for UEA’s most prestigious award.

Tommy Dominguez, Third Year Law

What makes them a BNOC?

“Tommy, commonly known as ‘Tony from Sheffield’ on campus, has risen to BNOC status in the last three years through his LCR antics. If you’re female, you probably were told by the ladykiller himself that he is Spanish, however this has been nothing short of tactical genius, as a closer inspection shows that the man himself is from Sheffield, and commonly spends time in the tanning booth keeping up this elaborate lie, this lad isn’t afraid of commitment to the cause ladies!

“Tommy has shown on many occasions his willingness to try and sink more than two beers on a night out, however some people are simply not made to be heavy drinkers, and you can often find tommy passed out in a bush near the LCR after he’s tried for that third beer, gaining him the nicknames ‘Mr Lightweight’ and ‘Two Beer Tommy'”.

Radek ‘The Magician’ Wincza, Second Year Psychology

What makes them a BNOC?

“Whether it’s Welcome Fest or Exit Ball, Radek the Magician will be there with his magic balls. His card tricks in the LCR make you wonder how many drinks you’ve had. Damn Good or A list, you can find him wandering around the main dance floor with 2 VK’s in his hands.

“Floor 0 computers are like his 2nd home, where he’s either finishing his essays or more likely playing an online monopoly game. At other times he watches football games in Blue Bar accompanied by his massive Chelsea flag.”

Jack Bridges, Second Year Economics

What makes them a BNOC?

“We call his Dad Beefy Keith because he’s beefy and his name’s Keith. When he’s very drunk he calms down by watching rowing videos and analysing the technique.

“6ft 7, BFG, loves rowing, never a jerk, that’s all you need to know.”

Samuel Berner, Second Year Economics and Accounting 

What makes them a BNOC?

“Always active, a man who has never missed a motive and he prides himself on never flaking on his mates. A man of integrity who values, the sesh, small motives and most importantly his education. No matter how late or how big a state if work needs to be done this man will get it done.

“Samuel Berner is notorious for his stamina and his one position approach. He knows the score, and girls who have been with him will know. Hours upon hours of missionary. Marathon runners have nothing on this boy. He makes up for his height by putting in an absolute shift.

“The boys a black belt in the art of missionary. Has the stamina of the lovechild of Paula Radcliffe and Mo Farah. 3-5 Hour sessions only. Also at PMB, he had one of the best booties on campus.”


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