Theresa May is said to be visiting Norwich today

Remember to look strong and stable everyone

It seems Norwich will have the pleasure or displeasure, depending on your view, of having the current PM Theresa May visiting thereby marking the launch of the Conservative party’s campaign in East Anglia.

Reportedly, she is expected to deliver a rallying cry to an invite-only crowd, telling Conservative candidates they must not take anything for granted following local elections results.

Speaking at a similar event in London, she said: “The local elections are now behind us. It’s time to focus on this crucial General Election campaign. And we can take absolutely nothing for granted”.

Warning against complacency, she stated that she has learnt “never to predict an election result”.

“How many times over the past few years have the polls got it wrong? They got the 2015 election wrong. They got the EU referendum wrong. And Jeremy Corbyn was a 200-1 outsider to be Labour leader,” she has previously said.

Norwich is divided into two constituencies, Norwich South and Norwich North. Currently the MP in Norwich South is Clive Lewis from the Labour Party, whilst Lana Hempsall is the Conservative candidate looking to be elected in this years snap election.

Norwich North’s MP is Chloe Smith from the Conservative party, with Labour hopeful Christopher Nicholas Jones going up against her this year.

As of this moment it is unknown where exactly the PM will be visiting in the city. Maybe she’ll stop by the LCR for a VK.