Meet the first lot of your potential Elected Officers for next year

Here’s everything you need to know if you haven’t voted

It’s that time of year again when the university grounds are plastered with posters and banners of those hoping to become your next full-time and part-time SU officers. But just who are those running? Don’t worry if you haven’t voted yet, the Tab Norwich has your back.

We reached out to all those running for full time positions, we asked each to talk a little bit about themselves, their campaigns and why you should vote for them. We’ve complied a list of everyone who replied, the first half covers the Activities and Opportunities, Campaigns and Democracy and Postgraduate Education Officer candidates.

Camille Koosyial: Activities and Opportunities Officer

Camille is a third year a third year English Literature and Drama student, growing up in Croydon she said that she’s “always found activities outside of academic work to be such an important aspect of my life”, and believes “strongly that activities away from University life has such an impact on your physical, social and mental well being.”

She said to us that she wants every student should feel like they are able to be a part of activities at UEA, because they create so many opportunities for students to socialise. Camille added that she comes from a background of societies and sport, and having already worked within the SU she is familiar with the environment.

She believes that she has the combination of working skills but also the personable skills to be an SU Officer. She finally added that she has a “wickedly good Instagram game.”

Jennifer Welsford: Activities and Opportunities Officer

Jennifer, or Jenny as she likes to be called, is an English Literature student who currently works as a Partnership Marketing Assistant at the SU. Her campaign is called ‘From Acorns to Oak Trees’ – you may have seen her community mural in the Hive. Describing the mural she said: “The acorns represent your ideas – I want to help you grow them into trees, and beyond this, a community – a forest of thriving clubs and societies at UEA”.

She plans to introduce a start-up programme for new clubs and societies, and a community forum on the SU site in which students can chat and post their events/fixtures up for every single student to see.

Study space has been a hot topic this year.

Lloyd Peet: Activities and Opportunities Officer

Lloyd is a third year International Relations and Politics student, he’s been involved in numerous societies such as the Electronic Music Society. Lloyd said: “Students should vote for me because I’m an honest voice and I understand how useless and unapproachable the union can seem.”

Juliet Isherwood: Activities and Opportunities Officer

Juliet is a third year studying International Relations and Modern History. She is currently President of the Kayak Club and Chair of the Sports Exec Team. When we spoke to her she had this to say; “People should vote for me not just because of my role in sports but because of the passion I put in whatever position I have been elected into. Something I want to do is get more international students into sports and societies so they feel more included at UEA.” She told us she wanted to coordinate mental health awareness with sports and societies, as she feels sports and societies are important to counteract the stress of degrees.

Marc Horrex: Activities and Opportunities Officer

Marc has been in UEA’s Ultimate Frisbee team and is the current President. After a year in industry as a Bio student he wants to see improvement in “helping students secure placements, and employability opportunities generally”. For Marc, clubs and societies are the “best way for students to get involved and improve their time at UEA.”

Why you should vote for Marc? He said: “Students also deserve more options to better their employability. Vote for me for much better volunteering schemes, particularly online for students who can’t give up too much time to travel to a place of work.”

Some of UEA’s former officers

Tom Fuller: Activities and Opportunities Officer

Tom is a Business Finance & Management student, as President of the Sailing & Powerboat Club he wants to see the SU helping clubs and make their lives easier. Since becoming President the “club has gone from low levels of involvement, to being one of the only clubs to operate year-round and compete in all their BUCS competitions”.

When asked why you should vote him, he said he wants “success to be felt by all of our clubs and societies. I want to make your lives better and easier, please elect me to do that!”

Abbie Mulcairn Campaigns and Democracy Officer

Abbie is a third year PPL student. She is an avid Geordie Shore fan and ex-Royal dancer. Last year she was elected Women’s Officer and successfully ran campaigns to get free sanitary products in Union House and led on demos protesting cuts to abortion services. If elected she wants to campaign for things such as further accountability, investment in mental health, affordable accommodation and to tackle sexual assault.

Jack Robinson Campaigns and Democracy Officer

Jack is a third year PPL undergrad and is currently a UEASU Non-Portfolio Officer and Vice President of UEA Pride. He is running because “the Union needs to make sure that it focuses campaigning on issues that matter to student”, and wants to “introduce greater accountability for officers such as tracking manifesto pledges online”, and “to make campaigning for better mental health services our priority”.

When asked why you should vote for him, he said: “If you want real change for the union, to make it more accountable and transparent, then vote for me”.

Campus has been covered in posters

Jason Beilby Postgraduate Education Officer

A current MSc Management student at UEA, Jason told us he feels “very privileged to be at UEA and want to get the best experience for everyone.” He decided to run for Postgraduate Education officer as he feels “strongly about the following three issues: Firstly accommodation should be more affordable; secondly I feel there should be more areas dedicated for postgraduates and thirdly I want there to be improved social events for all postgraduates.”

Madeleine Colledge Postgraduate Education Officer

Our current Postgraduate Education Officer, Madeline Colledge has been in the position for the past year. She told us that although the SU has started to develop more of a voice for Postgrad students, she feels she can do a lot more to help if voted in again.

She said: “I am re-running because our PhD associate tutors are still experiencing poor employment rights. I am re-running because our international masters students need better language support.

“I am re-running because we need to make sure that the new postgraduate sports programme becomes permanent.”