What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever been given?

Santa can be a bit of a dick sometimes

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We asked LCR-goers for their worst ever Christmas presents.

From cheap toilet paper to second hand charity shop bargains, here are some of the best worst presents they’d ever received…

Mark Wolverson, first year, Psychology

present 1

“Twiglets. I hate Twiglets.”

Sean Overton, first year, Economics

present 2

“I got a sewing kit.”

Hannah Gilderson, third year, History

present 3

“I got given an old jewellery box which had out-of-date stale Halloween sweets in it.”

Emma, Louise, Beth and Chloe, third year housemates

present 4

“For our Secret Santas this year, we got a tin of sweetcorn, underwear hangers, a dildo and an electric toothbrush.”

Evie Rixon and Lydia Macey, Nursing students

present 5

“One of us got a car sponge and the other one got a second hand Tom Jones CD. I don’t even like Tom Jones!”

Johnnie Walker, Psychology student

present 6

“Someone gave me toilet paper as a joke.”

Louisa Baldwin, third year, Law


“I once got a life-sized Dalmatian and my sister got a life-sized Alsatian from my weird uncle. They weren’t even soft toys. They were made of plastic and if you pressed a button their eyes would flash green – it was terrifying.”

Lee, first year, English Literature

lcr 5_censored

“One year we found out that my aunt’s boyfriend was growing weed for ‘medicinal’ purposes and he gave us some for Christmas. Neither my mum or I smoked it, so I became a one-time drug dealer.”

Rosie, third year, English Literature

rosie f

“I always get monkey nuts. And last year I got Aldi instant couscous, which was weird”

Maisie Anteney-Tipper, masters, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies

maisie lcr

“My mum did get me the world’s ugliest cardigan last year and she said if I liked it it was a genuine present, if I didn’t it was a joke. It had 3D teddies embroidered on it.”