What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in the LCR?

You’re all disgusting

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It is fair to say that we have all had our ups and downs in the beloved LCR, but what is the absolute worst thing you have ever done there whilst on a night out?

We asked some of you about your own crazy, drunken experiences.

Barcley, fourth year, Spanish and Business Management

“One time I saw my housemate pissing on the LCR dancefloor”

Megan, third year, Biochemisty

“Me and my friends stole a traffic cone from one of the themed nights once and carried it all the way home.”

Antonio, postgrad, Public Policies 

“I have ran to the toilets to be sick a few times. The last night of my undergrad my friend bought me three Jagerbombs, and God knows what else.

“What made it worse was that I had to get up early for work the next day.”

Sebastian, third year, English and Translation studies

“I have only been to the LCR about 12 times but I can’t remember most of them, so I don’t know what the worst thing I’ve done is.

“I do love the LCR though, Halloween was a particularly good night!”

Douglas, second year

“I threw up over one of the pillars once.”

Mycah, third year, Film Studies and English Literature

“One time me and my flatmate had this really awful fight so I dragged her into the LCR toilets to talk things over.

“We must have been in there for ages talking and crying our eyes out, but then one of her other friends needed her so she told me to wait there in the toilets until she came back. I stayed in there for the rest of the night until the LCR closed, but she never came back.

“By the time I got home, she had forgotten everything, including the fact that we had made up, so she was still really angry at me!”

Will, postgrad, Drama

“One time when I was in the LCR toilets this drunk guy stood next to me in the urinal, hands behind his head and everything, and started to go to the toilet. Only problem was that he had forgotten to unzip his fly, so it went all down his leg and the inside of his trousers.

“To make matters worse he had camel-coloured trousers on, so the wet patch looked really obvious.”

Sally and Peanut, second year

“I was talking to this cute boy at one of the Hospitality events and he gave me his shirt, but I never gave it back. I went home with it, washed it and still have it to this day.”

“I got trashed at the Onesie Party and lost my friends. I got a text from them saying they were outside, so I thought they meant outside the LCR.

“Whilst drunkenly looking around for them by the cash machines, I saw them from afar and realised they meant they were in the smoking area. So, running over to the smoking area cage, I got these random guys to help lift me up over it, which ended in me falling flat on my face and being sick everywhere.”