Why would you be on Santa’s naughty list this year?

You’re getting coal in your stockings

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This week we’ve been trolling the campus, finding out your naughtiest moments.

From one-night stands to drink-induced stealing, here’s a few who won’t be getting any presents under the tree.

Tara, first year, English Lit and American Studies

IMG_3400 “I started a fire in the kitchen of my halls. I got kicked out.”

Chris, first year, PE


“After being broken up with my girlfriend of three years, I went back with another girl on a night out. I don’t regret it – feeling free as a bird.”

Joe, third year, Accounting and Finance


“I stole a bike from the LCR after a night out and rode it home. I then threw it in a bush when I got back.”

Tash, first year, Psychology


“While on holiday in Paris, I refused to take a picture of a tourist, thinking he was trying to sell me something. I still feel bad about it, only realising my mistake when I saw him going up to a different group who took his picture. I was with my friend so I’ll just take partial blame.”

Josh, first year, Law


“I stole a pack of Pokémon cards by accident. No regrets though – I’m a Pokémon master.”

Emily, foundation, History


“Too much drinking, not enough work. I kind of regret it, but not enough to stop.”

Danny, first year, Media


“Drunkenly chatting up one of the guys on my subject’s group chat after an LCR night. It was hilarious, there were no awkward feelings – he found it funny and sat next to me the next day.”