The Hatch is the best part of a night at the LCR

Where would we be without those 3am burgers?

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Besides having VKs in Blue Bar and attempting to dance as your shoes stick to the beloved LCR’s floor, we all know that the best part of the night is swinging by the Hatch.

At the Hatch, the wonderful people of the SU fulfil your wildest carby dreams until 3am. The only way to describe it is life changing.

After all, it holds the solutions for all of your problems: warding off that threatening hangover? Chicken burger. Couldn’t talk to that 10/10 from your course? Potato fucking wedges.

Much like our campus rabbits, UEA students are always at it: eating alone late at night.

We can all still remember freshers’ week, when wearing trainers clubbing was a novelty (welcome to Norwich) and the revelation that a hole in the wall would distribute hot, cheap food on your way home was mind-blowing.

As your eyeliner slowly disintegrates and your feet begin to ache, there’s always time for a dirty burg or two.

But why is our campus Hatch unique? First of all, you’re always guaranteed friendly service.

It’s damn impressive to constantly serve drunken students with both a helpful and friendly attitude. After any big LCR night, Yik Yak will always bear testimony to ‘the girl at the Hatch <3’.

Secondly, we must applaud their variety because whilst we all love potato-based fried foods, it’s also great that others can enjoy halal chicken or a veggie burger.

Most importantly, you never feel alone grabbing some drunk food after dancing the night away, as everyone who’s anyone is queuing for the Hatch at 3am.

These guys love the burgers

Between coursework, the approach of Christmas and end of semester social commitments, the Hatch is a life saver, supplying you with anything you might need to make you feel better. If you’re not going out and want to stress eat, then chocolate and crisps are always readily available.

And if you are going out, the Hatch is there for when you’ve run out of mixer at pre drinks, although don’t try and grab booze there after 11pm, as that’s the one thing it can’t help you with.

Nevertheless, as first term draws to a close and deadlines and nights out come and go, the Hatch remains a reassuringly delicious presence.

The LCR is a way of life, but it wouldn’t be the same without curly fries.