UEA is beautiful, so stop saying it isn’t

If you don’t agree you’re obviously not one of us

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the question of whether or not UEA is beautiful is one of the most divisive issues amongst Norwich students.

We may not have any of the medieval architecture of Oxbridge nor the recognisable red-brick constructions of Birmingham or Newcastle, but UEA has its own beauty which all students will grow to love and be proud of.

The lake

Not every university has their own lakes with barbecues right outside their windows, so UEA’s scenic setting undoubtedly makes it the most beautiful university in all the land.

Although the mud and winter rain may not make a stroll around the lake the easiest way to procrastinate in winter, when the sun’s out so are the iPhones – and the lake becomes everyone’s favourite Instagram hotspot.

And don’t just take our word for it. The lake being one of the 5 Ls surely proves that it’s recognised as one of the most respectable spots around to spend the most intimate and/or regrettable moments of your student life.

Sure, we have a lot of concrete. But that just makes working in the hideous library even better when you get to gaze at views such as these.

Greg James’ honorary graduation photo by the lake racking up a mighty 11,000 likes only goes to prove the nation’s appreciation of UEA’s beauty.

Listed buildings

Although Congregation Hall may not be the best looking concrete slab in the world, other UEA buildings are nationally recognised as examples of Britain’s finest and wildest architecture.

The Elizabethan Earlham Hall, used by the Law Department, was the home to that woman from the £5 notes, Elizabeth Fry. The National Trust even offered tours of UEA buildings earlier this year as part of their Brutal Utopias project, proving we’re a recognised national beauty.

Architectural boffins love the beauty of the Ziggurats so much that they’ve made it a Grade II listed building, meaning they’re here to stay as they’re not allowed to be altered or demolished. Students from Europe even come over to examine this first year accommodation because it’s internationally recognised as a genius piece of architecture.

The entertainment world have also recognised the grandeur of UEA’s fine array of buildings, with garage band The Streets using the Ziggurats as the cover for their album Computers and Blues, while earlier this year the Sainsbury Centre was featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Norwich City

It’s not just UEA’s campus that’s beautiful, but Norwich itself must also be regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. With its colourful market and the iconic castle looking over the city, Norwich is far more attractive than smoggy skyscraper cities like London or Manchester.

Norwich’s vast array of small cafes and bars and hipster vintage shops are every Instagrammers’ dream, with so many opportunities to show off the artistry of their university city. Earlham Park, right on UEA’s doorstep, is another spot of beauty in Norwich which, even in the miserable winter months, still looks better than most uni environments.

If it was good enough for Tay-Tay to perform for us, then it’s good enough for me.


It’s Christmas time,  and nothing says Santa’s coming better than a massive blue tree in the middle of the square.

Even if you’re being a scrooge and say that because the tree’s not green it ruins Christmas, it can’t be denied that UEA’s festive get-up makes campus shine in all its elegant glory. The fairy lights and all those illuminate snowmen and Santas dotted around campus means UEA could rival Lapland in its festive grandeur.

How could Santa possibly resist making a stop at somewhere as alluring as UEA?

The people

Its not just all the scenery that makes UEA the most beautiful uni in the UK – the students too are pretty fit too.

UEA has attracted a whole host of hotties in its time, Greg James and tasty timelord Matt Smith being just two of them.

We’d recognise those blue lights anywhere

Everyone knows UEA is wonderful, and it being the most beautiful campus in the UK is part of the reason why.

Keep your fake tan Essex, we look attractive enough au naturale.