Lola closed: Manager complains ‘Norwich nightlife has gone downhill’

As if losing Wonderland last year wasn’t bad enough

Lola Lo’s – everyone’s favourite tiki-themed club – has announced it is closing, prompting one of the managers to confess to The Tab that “Norwich nightlife has gone downhill”.

The nightclub – open since 2010 – released a statement on Saturday evening which said: “It comes with deep sadness to announce that Lola Lo Norwich is closing – and TONIGHT is our last trading night!”

After the news was made public, the club’s Sales Manager told The Tab: “Lola’s isn’t economically sustainable. Norwich nightlife has gone downhill.”


u ok hun?

Ian Freeman, of Eclectic Bar Group, added: “We have sold the lease. We had a very good offer for it and so for commercial reasons we decided to sell.”

It’s thought the club will be turned into a cocktail bar.

Lola's hosted the biggest Friday night in Norwich

The club’s biggest night, Cabana Club, will now move to Mercy, where it will launch on Friday 19th June.

A manager at Cabana Club said: “It’s a real shame that the other nights weren’t as popular as Fridays, forcing Lola’s to close and Cabana Club to find a new home.

“Following the success from the Radio 1 warm-up party, we expect that with a larger and more popular venue we will be able to put in bigger DJs/PAs and content for students that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

“We’re all very excited about the move and hopefully come September there will be some large events that we will all be looking forward to!”