UEA has the best nights out

Would we lie to you?

Oh, UEA is wonderful!

Every uni is very quick to claim that they have the best nights out. But it’s only when you experience life as a UEA student that you realise there’s no beating our nightlife.

Let’s start with the LCR.

There’s just something about the mixture of cheap drinks, the sticky dance floor, and knowing absolutely everyone there that just makes for a messy but memorable night.

We have not one, but THREE rooms to choose from (LCR, Hive, and Blue Bar), fitting every music taste.

Any Student Union that doesn’t whack out 90s tunes on a regular occasion just isn’t worth our time.

The LCR is a beautiful place where standards just don’t exist, unless of course it’s a Tuesday themed night, in which case you have never seen students more committed than ours.

Where's wally?

Where’s wally?

And answer me this: does any other uni have a whole bar dedicated to just selling VKs?

Whilst some of us still aren’t over the smoking area being moved from the Square and the early death of our beloved burger van, we all know LCR nights are some of the best we’ll ever have.

And if that wasn’t enough, the short stumble home completes it.

But if you feel like moving off campus, there’s no better place to go than the notorious Prince of Wales Road.

With heaps of clubs and bars to choose from this is the place to be. As long as you stay away from the locals on Saturday (when you are obviously at the LCR).

Let’s start with the one and only Mantra. If you haven’t rocked up to a Thursday Mantra, you really don’t know what you’re missing. One of few clubs outside London where it’s acceptable to wear heels.

Mantra gives us UEA girls a chance to get dolled up and whack out them dusty heels that had been deserted at the back of our closet.

Drinks may not be as cheap as the LCR, but there’s just something about Mantra that makes us take messy to a new level… maybe it’s all those Rose Tequilas.

All dolled up

All dolled up

If your budget won’t stretch for Mantra prices, Mercy is here to help. Free entry with student cards and drinks that make the LCR look pricey – this is the place to go, even if it’s just for a cheeky pres.

On the other end of the scale, if your student loan has just come in and you’re looking to have a Luau to celebrate, like every uni, we have Lola Lo.

It’s true – Lola’s is about the size of a generous cloakroom but with a heated smoking area and free flower necklaces, who can refuse.

Vicky from G-Shore!

Vicky from G-Shore!

Although every uni has a variety of clubs and bars, I dare you to find one with £3.00 triples, what really makes Norwich is the culinary heaven that is Prince of Wales road.

How can you not appreciate a place called “Abra Kebabra”? That’s just literary genius right there!

So you’ve had your messy night out, and kebab in hand you’re ready to go home. Never fear for Emma’s party bus is here!

That’s right, it’s a cab with disco lights in, a driver who takes group pictures of you all and then posts them for you on twitter.

Emma's party bus special

Emma’s party bus special

It’s the novelty icing on an already incredible cake that makes Norwich the best night out.