Stop yolking around! Third year gets egged in the LCR

‘I am far too fabulous to be stopped by an egg’

A shell-shocked Law student was left in a bit of a scramble after he had an egg thrown at him in the LCR on Saturday.

Third year student Sam Cripps was attacked at random by egg-wielding thugs at Saturday’s A-List.

He said: “It’s just pathetic and immature – there is no need to ruin someone’s night.

“Fortunately, I am far too fabulous to be stopped by an egg. I am eggsellent.”

His flatmate Maisie witnessed the eggcident. She said: “We were dancing in a group in the LCR. Suddenly I heard people shouting and some accident had happened.

“When I turned round my flatmate had run off, and then he text me saying someone had thrown an egg at him. Luckily he’s a man with connections so he borrowed a spare t-shirt from the Union and we carried on with our night.”

Sam continued: “I I left my egg-stained shirt in the Union and carried on dancing. I didn’t see who it was, but I heard rumours it could have been a sports team on a social.

“I did speak to security and they said they were aware there had been a few egg-throwing incidents that night.

“They said they put someone on egg-watch.”

The culprit

Chris Jarvis, a Union officer with “responsibility for the LCR”, told us: “As far as we know this was an isolated incident and we are following it up to see if CCTV can help us find the perpetrator.

“While some find the incident funny, it could have caused real injury and in fine-tuning our procedures for this week in response, we remain committed to making sure that a night out in the LCR is a safe one.”