Meet Chris – the student cycling for Cancer Research

1 student, 1 bike, 13 hours and a whole heap of fundraising for Cancer Research.

If you bump into a tired, sweaty student in the Square it’s usually the result of one too many trips to the bar in the LCR. Business Management student Chris Tynan is different. For the last few months Chris has been spreading joy and raising money for Cancer Research all over campus.

You might recognise him from his Random Acts of Kindness on Valentine’s Day where he handed roses out to lonely students. If you missed it, then don’t fear – he had it all filmed!

For his next charity challenge, Chris embarked on a gruelling 13 hour bike ride, all the while raising money for Cancer Research.

I caught up with Chris 12 hours and 50 minutes into his bike-athon. He understandably looks absolutely exhausted. Despite this he’s got a huge grin on his face.

“This whole experience has been absolutely incredible,” he says. “I’ve had incredible support all day.”

Starting at 6am, Chris cycled non-stop for 13 hours. He says the whole experience has been brilliant.

“Fundraising like this lets you experience a different side to UEA. It’s week 12, everyone is busy, everyone has deadlines but I’ve still had people come out and offer so much support. It’s not just the donations, it’s the social and emotional support. It’s been incredible.”

In fact, Chris has such amazing support that one impressed passer-by even offered him an internship.

Chris with just some of his many supporters!

Chris is clearly dedicated to his cause. But when I ask him how he prepared for his endurance challenge he tells me this is the first time he’s exercised in four months!

And as if this wasn’t impressive enough, I soon find out Chris was out at his Summer Ball til 2am just two nights before. “He was already exhausted,” says one of his many supporters. “It’s amazing, I don’t know how he’s done it.”

Chris is a member of a fledgling society. It was set up a few months ago to raise money for Cancer Research. Despite only existing for a few months the society has raised over £500 for Cancer Research with the support of local organisation Norfolk Knowledge. Chris’ mammoth cycle challenge is just one of their many fundraising activities.

They’ve also been running a campus-wide T-shirt designing competition and will be making and selling commemorative T-shirts of the winning design. The group are hoping to hold lots more fundraising events throughout the year. Again, every penny will be going to Cancer Research.

At 7pm, after a painful 13 hours in the saddle, Chris heaves himself off his bike.

“Someone’s going to take me home, I’m going to have a cold bath, a hot shower and then go into hibernation,” he says. A voice rings out from his group of supporters: “Remember Chris – pain is only temporary.”

If you’d like to support Chris’ cycling challenge then head over to his fundraising page or check out Cancer Research UEA’s Facebook.