A #SAVETHERAVE music cycle took place last night in Manchester

The ride was to raise awareness for Manchester’s struggling music industry

Last night, a #SAVETHERAVE cycle took place around Manchester city centre.

The cycle consisted of a procession of bikes behind a Dutch-style family cargo bike, which had a DJ and speaker tucked into the front, blaring some classic Manchester rave music.

The “#SAVETHERAVE #F*CKTHETORIES ride out” headed down Portland Street and onto Oxford Road towards the University of Manchester, before looping back round to the centre.

The organisers sent a call-out message for the surprise event the night before, reading: “#SAVEOURSCENE #SAVETHERAVE #FUCKTHETORIES ride out / Stevenson Sq / 19:00 Weds 21st /  bring your bicycle / bring lights (big flashy ones) / bring a mask! / bring mates / don’t bring a Tory (music will be provided!)”

The event was organised by these spread-the-word style texts, like how raves used to be organised. So an organiser has said: “If you get a text, forward it on!”

The event received mass support from pedestrians and passes by, with people on the streets cheering, clapping and dancing along to the techno, drum n bass and house music. It follows similar cycle events in cities like Berlin, Liverpool and @SaveOurSceneUK‘s cycle around Central London.

The live music event adhered to social distancing rules, due to being held outside, on bicycles and with participants wearing masks.

The ride took place in aid of raising awareness of Manchester’s struggling music industry which has taken a hit due to coronavirus.

Organisers of the event have told The Manchester Tab: “Nightclubs are being left to die, and everyone who depends on them for a living, from DJs and promoters to engineers and bouncers, are being cast aside by this government.

“The ride is a show of solidarity with everyone who has been left behind or told they are ‘unviable’ by Boris and his cronies, while they line the pockets of their mates.

“We also just really wanted to have a party. Save the rave. Save our Scene. Fuck the Tories.”

#SAVETHERAVE are planning future events, so follow #saveourscene and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming cycle raves.

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