UoM Women’s Lacrosse Club has raised over £2,500 for Show Racism The Red Card

Members of the club have collectively been running the length of the UK

Members of the UoM Women’s Lacrosse Club, UMWLC, have collectively been running the length of the UK in support of Show Racism The Red Card in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

41 runners have set themselves the target of running 1407km within seven days from the 3rd-10th June as a fundraiser for Show Racism The Red Card, which is the UK’s leading anti-racism educational charity.

Katie Brennan, the club’s Fundraising Sec told The Manchester Tab: “We started off with the goal of raising £750 which I thought was optimistic at the time but now we have raised over £2500!

“We are so grateful to everyone who has donated.”

UMWLC initially planned to fundraise for Mind Charity and The Christie Hospital, however, as a result of current world events they felt it would be appropriate for this particular event to support a charity associated with the BLM movement.

The club has said: “We understand that Mind and Christie are still incredibly important charities and therefore we are planing on holding another fundraising event later on in the year.

“Any donations that have already been made, will remain going to those charities, but any further donations for this charity event will be going to SRtRC.”

Having already run over 1,250 km, the club is on track to reach their target of 1407 km by Wednesday.

Katie explained to The Manchester Tab: “It is such a triple positive for the club, getting everyone together, getting healthy and most importantly raising money for an amazing cause.”

Maisie Camm, the club’s Social Media Sec, added: “I can honestly say I’ve never run so much in my life! Every muscle in my body aches but knowing it’s for a good cause makes it all worth it!”

Club Captain, Tara Beasley, told The Manchester Tab: “The reason I’ve decided to participate in running the length of the UK is to support the charity ‘Show racism the red card’ which is a fantastic charity that aims to promote/push anti-racism education.

“I think it is one of the most important charities and so I want to do my bit to ensure that anti-racism education is made mandatory, not only around the UK, but around the world.

“It has been challenging pushing myself to hit my goal each day and pushing myself through the fatigue, but the Women’s Lacrosse Club have all been supporting each other so much which has been really encouraging.”

UMWLC’s fundraising page can be found here.

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