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Check out these Manc freshers getting hooned on their first big night out

I too remember my first beer

Freshers' Week is a sacred time, and by that I mean it's a time when thousands of 18-year-olds spew in the streets after consuming precisely one beer.

Every year the tabloids will tell you the tradition of freshers getting so wasted they fall asleep on bollards is "getting out of hand" or is "total carnage." Do you know why they do this? It's because they're jealous – as you see, adults do not get to have this kind of fun anymore, so they must reap what little enjoyment they can from spoiling it for people who do.

Anyway let's not waste any more time waffling about how great Freshers' is, you're here for jokes pics, and jokes pics you shall have:

I'm sure that's just some coleslaw between her feet

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Which vest is the best? (vote below)

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It's like one top was divided between them

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Shout out to the girl in the background for giving him a nice back pat

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Revs does look nice, doesn't it

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'Emily come on it's only 10pm and we paid for queue jump'

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I too like to have a little cry after I've vommed on a pavement

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Can we frame this and hang it where the Mona Lisa is now? Please and thank you

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Just look at them all. They have no idea they'll all be introduced to ket in a week

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