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BREAKING: Blackboard and Eduroam are back after five hours down

Students were unable to access any Wifi or uni services

University of Manchester websites were down for five hours today, with students unable to connect to Eduroam WiFi services, log on to Blackboard, or access any of their vital coursework.

UoM students have been spotted using Hot Spot in Owens' Park computer cluster due to WiFi services crashing.

Many students, including Law, Ancient History, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Economics, have deadlines and online tests due in today that they have been unable to access.

Speaking to The Manchester Tab, final year Law student Ollie Watts said: "I have a draft of a key part of my dissertation to email to my supervisor today so we can have a review meeting on Tuesday. Only have a week and a half left to have things sorted, so if these issues aren’t fixed today, a lot is at risk."

As well as Law students, Economics students were said to have had a mock test at 12pm today that nobody could access due to all the servers being down.

Second year Chemistry student Sarah Harrington said: "Is anything going to be resolved – literally no idea as MyManchester is down I can’t find the contact details I need for this sort of problem, not only that my uni email is down so I don’t know how to contact anybody anyway?!?"

The University of Manchester IT services tweeted stating: "We're urgently investigating an issue which has been affecting network-connected services today, and we'll keep you updated as soon as we have information about when services are fully restored."

Speaking about the recourse that the University of Manchester should offer to mitigate hours of lost work, final year Ancient History student Emily Blackmore said: "I have emailed my lecturer in hope he will understand as I know many students have deadlines for tomorrow not just me. An extension of at least the amount of hours the system was down for should be automatically provided."

The University of Manchester have been contacted for comment.