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The Font in Fallowfield is closing in January

Goodbye my lover

The Font in Fallowfield will close in January, owners have confirmed.

After opening in 2011, The Font have served Fallowfield for an amazing eight years, and have been a source of great brunch, cheap and tasty cocktails in the summer, and hot toddies in the winter.

Speaking to The Manchester Tab, manager Doug Simpson said: "With a heavy heart indeed, we announce that we are bidding you all fair well. I love this bar.

"No longer will I hear questions like ‘cheapest £2 cocktail? When’s it 241? Or omg you get a freddo?!’ And I am surprisingly distraught about even this".

He continued: "It’s been a pleasure to be part of our font family, with memories to cherish and hangovers that will haunt me forever. There’s plenty of partying still to be done though friends, with Christmas offers through December, a hell of a closing sesh, not mention three more beloved quizzes.

"All our beloved regulars, piss-heads and even that dodgy fella who steals our loo roll, we’ll miss you very much, thanks for the memories".

This closure comes after a series of regulations from the council that required shorter business hours, meaning The Font Fallowfield was forced to close earlier.

The Font is the latest in a series of pubs and bars closing in Fallowfield, which many have put down to "council interference".