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Fallow Cafe is closing and being replaced by new ‘clean living’ independent cafe HAUS

Pls say they still serve pancakes

Fallow cafe have confirmed they are closing late September, and will be replaced by a new "clean living" cafe named HAUS.

Since opening in 2013, Fallow Cafe has loyally served Fallowfield its hungover breakfasts, reasonably refined dining, and been the go-to place for impressing your parents when they come to visit. However, just before the start of the new academic year, an official Facebook post unexpectedly announced its closure.

A perfect cafe.. ambition, not hubris.. we were looking at the stars right?Fallow was in no particular order;An…

Posted by Fallow Café on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

No reason was given for the decision, however, a one star health rating had been previously awarded to the cafe in August 2017. Notably, the statement gave a rather cryptic promise of a "late September" return, "in one shape or form", and despite their apparent finality in "celebrating the end", some hope remained Fallow Cafe's closure would be only a quick refurbishment.

Now though, the new owners of the site have confirmed the site's next venture will be an "independent [..] clean living cafe" named HAUS, and in "no way associated with the old brand".

New owner Howard Quayle seemed keen to distance himself from his predecessor, admitting they "had clearly given up on the old site a good while ago".

It's sad news for any regular, however, Fallowfield need not mourn for too long. HAUS looks set to deliver a similar vibe to Fallow Cafe, acting as both a daytime coffee house and nighttime cocktail bar.

Speaking exclusively to the Tab, Quayle described HAUS as a place that "cares about its customers".

"Whether they want a sandwich and a coffee to go/a place to work/a wholesome meal/an evening spot to share a bottle of wine", Quayle promises, "that's what HAUS is all about".

It's unclear whether HAUS is planning to provide all the services of its predecessor: the buildings license as a live music venue for example, may end with its name. However, older or ex-residents of Fallowfield may be pleased to hear the new location seems inspired by the days of TROF, another alternative bar that was replaced by Fallow Cafe in 2013.

"I took the site mindful of the great times I spent here in my youth", Quayle told me. "We felt Fallow Cafe as a brand had seen its time".

HAUS is set to open in October 2018. Check out their Instagram for more information here.