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We asked people what they love about Warehouse Project

They love ‘the vibe’

Warehouse Project is a Manchester night out like no other. The Manchester Tab went to Deadmau5 at Warehouse this weekend to find out what makes the venue so special.

We spent the night asking people what it is about Warehouse that they love so much. For some, it was their first visit to the venue and others were serial seshers. One brave girl had been to Warehouse four weeks in a row.

Everyone agreed that the best things about the unique night out under Manchester Piccadilly station were the music, atmosphere and sense of inclusion.

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James and Darcy

"It's never too busy or too quiet and everyone has such a love for each other".

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Rachel and Ryan

"This is our first time. It's a bit surreal to be honest, but it looks amazing".

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Nicholas, the security guard

"I've never been to Warehouse as a customer, but I would like to experience it one day".

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This dedicated raver made his own glow in the dark jacket

"I'm here with some great friends and they mean the world to me. I bought the jacket used on ebay and then bought the wire on amazon".

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Abbey and Katie

"We love Warehouse because everybody can dance and join as one and nobody is judged".

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Scott living his best life

"I come here to listen to these beats that you can hear now, they're the best and it's different".

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Jen and Candice

"We love Warehouse because of the music and the vibe of it. Our friend has been every week this month".

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Saul and Matthew

"The vibe is fucking amazing… the vibe, the music, the people… its sick mate."

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Hannah, Darcy and Vicky

"Just rave every day, innit. It's mental. I've been about 15 times".

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These guys had a lot of love for Warehouse

"It's amazing – it just makes me feel alive".