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Quiz: How well would you do on University Challenge?

Come on, let’s have it

Ah, University Challenge, the only place where a Tory belittling teenagers is a popular quiz show. Maybe the idea of sitting on the university challenge panel was your motivation to go to university, or maybe it's what you aspire to instead of your actual degree.

Jeremy Paxman, the only man who isn't a Fallowfield roadboi to say: "Come on, let's have it" on a regular basis, and his dulcet, cynical tones have graced our screens since 1994, and it's coming back in 2019 for more. We all can't resist the alluring comfort of that smug feeling when you get two questions right and your parents think you're clever and you think just maybe you can convince them that £27,000 of debt is worth it. But could you actually get on the show?

If you're a student at the University of Manchester, then today was your chance to test those dreams and participate in the first round of University Challenge 2019. Students flocked to the Rutherford Theatre in the Schuster Building between 2pm – 6pm in hopes of becoming the next members of the Manchester team to face Jeremy Paxman.

In case you missed it, we've constructed our own quiz based on the questions that were asked today. Find out how you'd do below.