Sarah Elie
Second Year PPE Student at UoM. Basically a walking meme.

I went to every Spoons in Manchester to find out which was the best

Clue: It’s not Salford

Quiz: How well would you do on University Challenge?

Come on, let’s have it

Vote for Manchester’s BNOC of 2018: Heat One

Nothing but respect for MY biggest name on campus

Antwerp Mansion is being rented out as a haunted house venue

Though the ghost of Antwerp seshes still haunt you

Nominations for Manchester’s BNOC of 2018 are now open

Nominate the person who you think is a massive BNOC

Mayor of Manchester has pledged to tackle rising crime in Fallowfield

“There isn’t enough police presence in Manchester”

Here’s every takeaway with a one star hygiene rating around Fallow

You will never guess how many of our faves are on this list

A student has organised a mass clean-up of Platt Fields Park after it was left in a ‘shocking state’

Sun’s out, litter IN THE BIN

An ode to the MagicBus: we literally couldn’t do student life without it

Even though it’s £1.50 now

Quiz: Which Manchester club are you?

We can’t all be Antwerp Mansion

The Gym in Fallowfield has FINALLY announced an opening date

The wait is over

People have paid £40 for the Antwerp Mansion Closing Party but it’s not even the last night

One last dance and then another one on Monday

There is a petition to save Antwerp Mansion

Antwerp Mansion have been issued a closure notice by the council

Someone started a dog pictures thread on FSG and here are Fallowfield’s finest doggos

Perfect hangover cure

A petition has been started to compensate students for the cost of the lecturer strikes at UoM

Students demand compensation for ‘education losses’