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Listen up, according to this research Manchester is actually in the South

Hear me out

In a plot twist like no other, it has come to light that Manchester is, in fact, in the South.

After Professor Mark Tewdwr-Jones, chair of town planning at Newcastle University, drew this map, he sparked a provocative debate about the North-South divide.

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What the fuck

With all other factors of what makes a place truly Northern flung out of the window (£1 pints, sub-glacial weather, Liam Gallagher), the map is based upon two-hour commuting patterns and what is called "the London sphere of influence".

Tewdwr-Jones defended himself on BBC Radio 4, arguing: "There are several ways you could define a northern region – but perhaps the most pertinent question is where does London end?"

The question of Manchester's position in relation to London is interesting, but, obviously, the only map exemplary of where the North starts and the South ends you'll ever need is this one.