What’s on in Manchester this week?

Let’s paaaaaaaarty

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Now that Sankeys, Sound Control and Antwerp are nearly all gone, we're here to show you that you still can have a good night in Manchester. Here's where to go this week (but quickly, before something else gets shut down).


Name: Disco Inferno: charity fundraiser 02

Location : CUBO Fallowfield

Price: 4/adv

Feeling a little guilty about going out on a Monday? Don't stress – this one's a charity event that will help raise money for Shelter; a charity who help tackle homelessness, and Student Minds, a charity who offer support in combatting mental health in unversity communities. So all of your spendings will go towards a good cause. Plus, for those living in Fallowfield you only have to walk a few minutes and skip out the dreary walk through the icy weather, and save that 1.50 on the magic bus.


Name: TEKTU – Carnival

Location : Joshua Brooks

Price: 5/ Final release

This weekly event at Joshua Brooks is perfect for those who love house, techno and grime. Each week has a new theme, and this week it's Carnival, meaning there will be plenty of carnival themed inflatables and decorations. This is one of TEKTU's final shows of the term and it's also on final release. They sell out every week so grab your ticket asap.


Name: Discopia

Location: Antwerp Mansion

Price: 7/8

Antwerp is famous in Manchester as an icon of student life, and sadly, it is soon to be gone within a matter of weeks. If you love disco this will be a night to remember, as one of your last experiences at the famous club. The DJs will be moving through a collection of Disco, 80's, Afro-beats, bass and techno. The vibe is always great and will be even better as students celebrate the final days of Antwerp.


Name: Dancing in my Nuddy Pants

Location: Deaf Institute

Price: 5.50/ GA

Are you a feminist (duh)? Or do you just love the noughties throwback tunes? If so, get yourself down to deaf institute and celebrate International Women's Day. It's also ten whole years since the iconic chick-flick "Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging" was released, so get in touch with your inner Georgia Nicolson and dance to some classic indie and pop anthems.


Name: Hidden w/ Omar S

Location: Hidden

Price: 19.25 /Final Release

Come down to Hidden this Friday to see DJ Omar S mix some serious disco, house and techno. Priced at 20 on final release, its definatley a higher price to pay, but Hidden is always garunteed to be a unforgetable night. It's based in the blue room, which means you'll be able to move around with a bit more room to dance freely with your mates. Plus, nights at Hidden are always well worth the journey.


For saturday we have two picks for those who just cant get enough. Want to have a fun packed day and go straight into the night afterwards? If so, read on.


Name: Love For The Streets x The Whitworth

Location: The Whitworth

Price: FREE

Marking the start of Homelessness awareness week, hop down to the exhibition and see some pieces of art crafted by those in the University's and Homeless shelters. You can show your support for those braving the cold this year. Plus, it's free! so you cant really go wrong. Who doesn't love free exhibitions?


Name: Funkademia

Location: Mint Lounge

Price: 5 bf 11/ 6 after

Funkademia's weekly events at mint lounge never fail to dissapoint. Every song is one you'll know, with all the club classics. The night has a very successful turn out every week and there is always a huge range of people that attend. The music ranges from 60's, 70's, 80's, Funk, Disco, Old Skool, Reggae and pretty much most club classics, so if you aren't sure where to take your mates from home, Funkademia is the one. It's also based in the NQ so you can go next door for a cheeky 2-4-1 at Turtle Bay before.



Location: The Friendship Inn

Price: FREE

So it's sunday and you might be a little fragile, but you still want to get down to the local for a nice pint. Plus, its Mother's day but you weren't able to get home due to uni work overload. So get yourself down to the good old Friendship Inn at 9:30 pm, where you can get a decent pint and join the quiz which is full of life every sunday. With three different rounds you'll have a fair chance at winning at least something, and if not, you can just drink more and you'll feel like you've won at life anyway(Until monday morning…).

didn't win the quiz but we won some M&S prosecco and jammy dodgers so that's sort of the same thing, right?