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We spoke to the guy from the ‘Dirty Truth Behind Antwerp’s Closure’ video

He’s here to tell us some COLD, HARD FACTS

Unless you've literally been living under a rock, you'll have heard about Antwerp Mansion's impeding closure. Horrified partygoers have rallied together to save Antwerp, organising an official save Antwerp protest and a petition.

Most recently, a short, educational video has been released, entitled "The Dirty Truth Behind Antwerp's Closure", enlightening the students of Fallowfield with "COLD, HARD FACTS" about why Antwerp is closing. The vdeo discusses whom the closure of the club will benefit, and the devastating effects Antwerp's closure (and the council's apparent anti-fun rampage) will have on student nightlife.

We spoke to Alex Hopkins, UoM Music first year, and the handsome face of Save Antwerp's video campaign about the news, the campaign and shared some COLD, HARD FACTS.

So, what prompted you to make the video, are you just a big time fan or part of the Save Antwerp group?

"Well, we heard about the closure notice and Alex Sandsbury (who started the petition to save Antwerp) thought it would be a good idea to make a video telling people the real reasons behind the council wanting [Antwerp] closed, and how they could potentially help change their mind.

"He just rang me up and asked if I wanted to be in it, and I said yes because I am a fan [of Antwerp], and I think in a lot of ways it's a kind of cultural landmark in this area, so definitely worth saving."

How many times do you recon you’ve been to Antwerp then? You must be there quite frequently?

"Less than you'd think actually, haha probably about 10-15 times?"

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Photographic evidence of one of the 10-15 times Alex visited Antwerp Mansion

That's still quite a lot! Tell us about the first time you went to Antwerp, what was your initial reaction? And had you heard about Antwerp before you joined uni?

"The first time I went was actually almost a year before I came to Manchester. I was visiting a friend and she took us to Antwerp because it was kind of the place to go. I loved it because although it seems run down, it has a sort of authentic charm to it and everyone just has a good time."

Too right, so – do you think the Save Antwerp campaign will be successful?

"I think if enough people get the message from the video, and actually contact Rabnawz Akbar or any other councillor then we can convince them that the decision will make him/them very unpopular and lose them votes, and in turn change their minds.

"It all depends on people making their opinions clear."