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There is a petition to save Antwerp Mansion

Antwerp Mansion have been issued a closure notice by the council

Antwerp Mansion announced today via it's Facebook page that, due to a closure notice from Manchester City Council's Planning Department, the venue will close in one month.

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However, although the actual date of closure is still unknown, there is now a petition addressed to Manchester City Council's Planning Department to save Antwerp Mansion.

Alex Sansbury, Music first year, is the mastermind behind the petition to save Antwerp Mansion and is urging people to sign "to dispute the council's decision and come together to keep this cultural and musical landmark open."

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43 people have signed the petition so far.

One of the 43 people to sign is Charlie Watson, Geography first year. He said he was signing because "[Antwerp Mansion] is so different to everywhere else. It has such a unique vibe and a wide array of good events. Its a shame that the council want to promote artificial, cosmetic and commercially focused nightlife ahead of the independent."

Another petitioner named Nicole angrily pointed out, "F*CKING B*STARDS…Maybe the city council should focus on helping the homeless instead of taking everyone's money and shutting everything down…let us rave in peace."

Others have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration and share their feelings regarding this tragic news.

Antwerp Mansion are due to release more information regarding their closure tomorrow at 4pm. You can sign Alex's petition to save Antwerp Mansion here.