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We asked people at Warehouse Project deep questions about life

If that’s what love feels like I don’t want it

Last week I attended the Dekmantel x WHP event with the goal of getting some strange answers to some deep questions. I arrived around 10:30 and waited until around 1AM to head into the smoking area to find willing individuals with questionable sobriety. Due to the nature of some of the wavy answers, some people would rather their names and photographs were not printed, which is understandable really when you're off your tits.

What's the meaning of life?

“Having fun, having peace and your best friends around you and every now and then take some nice drugs and everyday smoke weed! That's it.”

Some guy from Loughborough Uni – he didn't want to give his name.

What should everyone's goal in life be?

“We should all individually have our own little world and not worry too much about what's going on but worry enough so that your world isn't affected and just make the most of what you've got.”

Brad, UoM

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Brad making the most of his own little world.

What is happiness?

“Pomegranates and big, fat juicy mangos!”

Harriet, UoM

What's the best thing in the world?

“Having a good time with your friends, which is really good I think and I wanna say getting off your tits – can I say that? ‘Cause everyone loves each other and it's so nice.”

Lesley, UoM

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Do you think all drugs should be legal?

“Erm yes, 'cause MD is fucking good and can be used as pain relief or whatever and you have a good time, like now. Especially MD [should be legalised] it's so good.”

David, second year History UoM

What does love feel like?

“Love is when you do anal and get shit on his dick and he's okay about it.”

Ella, third year, Salford

What is art?

“Art is Bicep on crack cocaine, he's so good.”

Bicep was not playing that night.

Tom, first year MMU

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