Literally just a round up of the worst housemate horror stories Manchester students have to tell

If you can’t name your horrible housemate it’s probably you

As you are all aware, being at university usually means sharing a flat or a house with other students, and everyone has at least one horrible housemate. Some are dirty and messy because they are used to mummy and daddy cleaning up after them, and some are just messy because they are generally careless people with awful morals (if any).

We asked the students of Manchester about their worst housemate horror stories and we were not disappointed.

The dirty bastards

“I have one housemate that I've only ever seen wash his clothes 3 times in the whole year.”

“He never washes up. He left his plate there for so long that mould started growing on it.”

“One time, my housemate dropped pizza face down on the bed which left tomato and cheese marks on it. She didn’t change her sheets for about 3 weeks. She slept on the food stain.”

“His room is filled with months’ worth pizza and takeaway boxes. It stinks.”

“My housemate hasn’t washed his bed sheets since we all started living here in September. That’s 9 months.”

“The house got so dirty that we had mice running on the counter tops.”

The downright disgusting ones

“The boys I lived with taped pictures of nudes they received from girls around the bathroom. It was literally a room full of naked pictures of women.”

“There would always, without fail be dried period blood on the toilet seat – all from the same girl.”

“My housemate lived with his ex. Her new boyfriend came over to stay the night, and he knew that the new boyfriend had to get up early so he took a shit in the bath tub to prevent him from taking a shower. Joke backfired though because he actually had to scoop it out so he could use the shower.”

“He never flushes his piss at night. It stinks.”

“Everyone refused to take the bins out for so long that rubbish bags were stacked halfway up to the ceiling. Some of the bins leaked into the carpet and the whole house smelled so bad.”

“There was always skid marks left on the toilet. We would clean them and they would re-appear straight away.”

The housemates so lazy you wonder how they've managed to survive this long

“My housemate left her cheese was left in the fridge so long that it turned entirely blue.”

“One of my housemates would always leave her dinner half eaten on the dining table and just go to her room. Doesn’t put it in the fridge for later or throw it away. Literally just gets up and leaves her food on the table.”

“I always used to borrow my flatmate's plates and then slip them on top of the washing up hoping they won’t notice and will wash it with the rest of their stuff.”

“A parcel arrived for me while I was in uni, but they had to deliver it next door because my housemate was too lazy to answer the door even though he heard the doorbell.”

"He left 2 loaves of bread in his cupboard for so long that they all turned green and started crumbling to dust. He didn't even move it when he noticed how mouldy it was. The smell was horrible."

Those housemates who need to shut the fuck up

“Every time one of my housemates is angry, he yells at the top of his voice and throws things around his room.”

“The guy in the room below me in halls would always plays incredibly loud music at 3am, every night, bang on 3am.”

“My boyfriend's housemates is such a drunk mess. He'll come back from a night out yelling his head off and singing, waking the whole house up. Every single time.”

The housemates who have an interesting definition of "broke"

“My mate never has money to pay the rent or bills on time and has to borrow money (usually from me), but he has plenty of money for weed and vodka.”

“He owes everyone in the house money, but somehow still finds some to spend on takeaways instead of paying everyone back.”

"In halls, one guy in our flat pretended to be constantly broke, we all felt sorry for him and would lend him money for nights out and cook for him and stuff. Turns out he spent all his student loan on a shitty convertible. We only found out because he drove past us on the way to uni one day."

The housemate who insists on constantly bringing the drama

“There was a birthday cake that had been left out for two days. The birthday boy said it was fine for people to eat it. I decided to have a slice of the cake. Everyone got mad at me for eating it and one of them didn’t talk to me for 3 months.”

“I accidentally ate my housemate's avocado thinking it was mine. She didn’t talk to me for a week.”

"I once went to a friend's house without inviting my housemate to go with me, she didn't speak to me for three days."

"We had a psycho housemate last year, she would wrap all of her nice food up in foil and hide it. Once she hid her lunch so well she couldn't find it and had a screaming tantrum, accusing us of eating her cheese and pickle sandwich. We found it squashed up in the vegetable drawer, behind a lettuce."

"One of my housemates was a complete germaphobe, he would wrap his toothbrush up in plastic and hide it in a box because he was terrified of "poo particles" in the air going on to his toothbrush. One night we were all really drunk and took turns sticking his toothbrush down our boxers."

The housemates who you realised were actually terrible people the moment you moved in with each other

“The bulb in one guy's room blew. He replaced it with the bulb from the bathroom when no one was looking, but we know.”

“In first year, like three of them would throw their tea bags in the sink. You had to walk past the bins to get to the sink.”

“I was the bad one. One of my friends had beef with one of my flatmates so I helped him egg my flatmate’s car.”

“I caught my housemate cheating on his girlfriend. He tried to bribe me to keep it quiet.”

The ones you know are stealing from you, but you can't prove it

“I bought 4 pints of milk for myself. It was finished two days later and I did not even have one drop.”

“My housemate would always invite his friends over for dinner. They would use my plates and disappear with them. Never saw my plates again, I think they took them home.”

“My housemate came back home drunk one night and took a huge bite out of my block of cheese. She left teeth marks.”

“Left some food in the freezer while I was gone for a couple of weeks. My flatmates had eaten everything when I came back. Even my peas.”

“I put some leftover pizza in the fridge. I went to eat it the next day and found a slice missing.”

That one druggy housemate you're really excited to move in with, who ends up just being really boring

“All he did was smoke weed in his room with his mate all day. The flat always stunk of weed .”

“One of my housemates was literally always on MDMA. You couldn’t have a proper conversation with her.”

“My housemate's drug dealer delivered to the house so often that I got to know him a lot better than some of my housemates.”

"My friend from home came to stay, we'd been out drinking to be fair, but after spending five minutes in my house she threw up because it smelled so strongly of weed."

"My parents came up to visit and my mum pulled a bag of pills out of the sofa which we'd got drunk and lost weeks ago"

The extremely horny housemates who need to just give it a rest

“We can hear when she uses her vibrator, and she uses it a lot.”

“My housemates aren't together but have incredibly loud sex, almost all the time, then act like nothing is going on between them.”

“My housemate has a different guy over so often that I stopped trying to learn their names and be polite.”